Tokoin (TOKO) MSMEs

TOKOIN is a platform that establishes digital business identity and name of MSME as a suitable quality marking for suppliers and monetary establishments.. serving to little businesses to realize their potential by investment knowledge. Face the important market. Tokoin give a platform to create valuable partnership which is able to bring you into the partaking scheme consists of collectible business profiles profitable for business growth. Our blockchain-powered platform works by reciprocal knowledge employing a distributed proof of commitment incentive model and connects resellers directly with producers of all sizes thereby empowering the resellers with shopping for power.

Tokoin is primarily a platform that establishes the digital business identity and MSME reputation as an acceptable trust rating for suppliers and financial institutions. Keeping up with the real market,Tokoin provides a platform for creating a valuable partnership that will lead users to an attractive ecosystem consisting of selected collectible business portfolios suitable for expanding and developing any business. Thus, the Tokoin teamoffers a platform that will be beneficial for all interested parties and will allow you to create partnerships that will be beneficial for business development. Blockchain is employed to produce transparency through correct shipping data, near-time market knowledge, reputations, traceability, trailing and most importantly; a way to confirm purchase commitment and permit world participation. Tokoin aims to cut back the quantity of distributors within the offer chain and flatten the present gap between producers and resellers in order that each sharer build trust by delivering higher price to every alternative. In Tokoin, we tend to believe that trade and distribution ought to be simply trusty, clear and equally empowering to any or all participants.

MSMEs ar the building blocks and drive behind the success of the world growth. they’re chargeable for regarding ninetieth of the world’s registered businesses and have consequently created noticeable contributions to job creation, production, exports and bridging of financial gain gaps specifically in developing countries. Their flexibility puts them a notch over companies once it involves adapting to the changing business setting.Technology has contracted time and house. Businesses ar ever-expanding, advertising and rising their activities through technology. If we tend to ar being honest, beginning a business and not promoting it on-line or borrowing ideas on the net, from alternative business homeowners, has ne’er worked.

Blockchain technology, developed as a distributed ledger of the dealing, works as a platform to ease the distribution of data between participants concerned through the creation of a distributed information. provided that distributed knowledge is efficacious, the blockchain acts as a system that secures the info. A business dealing primarily contains a group of information like patrons, sellers, orders, payments ways, discount, and careful payment invoices among others. a web market incorporates a set of information centrally set on the platform. Adapting this knowledge in a very blockchain-based platform, all the knowledge is accurately recorded victimisation cryptography then hold on in blocks.

Problems & Solutions


  • Unavailability of Data: Leveraging data has become an important part of modern business. Unfortunately, many MSMEs are still behind the curve when it comes to understanding the data they have and how the data can help them in decision-making. In the case of some MSMEs, this comes out as no surprise. Businesses like local restaurants and hair salons are largely offline and/or lack systems to collect data. Even when data are available, these are often siloed by the stakeholders in the industry. Nothing is shared, so there is no tangible benefit to the industry. In other cases, data are collected but not utilized due to a lack of data science expertise. Big Data, as they are popularly known, have become dominated by the largest corporations which have the resources to collect, store, and process a vast amount of diverse data.
  • High Barriers to Funding: Despite the huge number of MSMEs, the system of national licensing remains complex for the MSMEs to get authorization, and more than half of the operating MSMEs are enduring in the micro, informal sectors. As micro enterprises, many of them have to resort to individual funding when establishing their business. While MSMEs are, in fact, the dominant form of business entities, they start their business with a quite small funding and operate with limited facilities.
  • Scaling Up in the Emerging Markets: Most MSMEs do not produce enough to take advantage of the economies of scale. They also have low order volume, which means that they hold little leverage with suppliers and do no receive volume discounts. This results in higher production and transaction costs compared to large enterprises. Also, unlike corporations who have whole departments dedicated to procurement and finance, MSMEs have fewer resources to search for better suppliers or appropriate financing. International expansion is similarly problematic. Large corporations can tap into rich global networks and leverage their low production costs to offer competitive products in any market they enter. MSMEs, on the other hand, lack these valuable networks and often struggle to compete in new markets.
  • The Absence of Reputation: Given those problems, MSMEs often feel trapped in a cycle of high costs, minimal financial support, and tough competition. At the root of this cycle is a lack of trust. Suppliers do not trust them, banks do not trust them, and, ultimately, customers do not trust them. What is missing is a way for MSMEs to build a reputation that engenders trust and opens up access to a wide variety of services that promote growth.

Features & Highlights

  • Lending Marketplace: Tokoin can become a matchmaker between MSMEs that need funds and Banks which will give Lending Solutions.
  • Crowdlending (Debt Crowdfunding): Crowdlending works in almost the same way as Lending Marketplace Solution, except that the source of fund will come from multiple Investors. 
  • Cross-merchant Loyalty Program: An MSME company (as a merchant) can give rewards to other companies (as customers) on Tokoin’s ecosystem in the form of movable digital assets called TOKO Points. TOKO Points can be used to redeem discount vouchers for not only the issuing Merchant but also other Merchants on the ecosystem.
  • Product Survey/Voting: Brands as Tokoin Partners can conduct product surveys by broadcasting product questionnaires on Tokoin’s ecosystem. The blockchain will ensure the authenticity of each participant to avoid the same participant filling in more than once (double voting) by applying a Unique Private Key for each participant.
  • Invoice-based Financing: This solution will help MSMEs when experiencing late payments from customers and smoothen their business cash flow. MSMEs can use unpaid invoices as collaterals to get funds. This feature will involve at least three parties: Invoice Issuer (MSMEs that need funds), Invoice Payer (Buyer), and Bank/Creditor.
  • Installment Buying: This solution facilitates MSMEs who need to buy products/services but have limited funds at that time. Based on a history of trading activities (also recorded on the blockchain) as a basis for evaluating the reputation of MSMEs, Merchants on the ecosystem can provide installments that are more flexible than a one-time payment in advance.
  • Group Buying: Also known as collective buying, this solution offers products and services at significantly reduced prices by applying quantity discount under the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase. This only applies to buyers and sellers who have joined Tokoin’s ecosystem.

Token Sale & Economics

Token Utility & Use Cases

TOKOIN Tokens are based on ERC-20, distributed on the Ethereum and are meant to be used for transactions at the exchange.

Roadmap & Updates

  • Q4 2018
    • Selling Tokoin Tokens through Private Sales and Pre-Sales
    • Development & distribution of Tokoin Wallet
  • Q1 2019
    • Grand Launching of Tokoin
    • Selling Tokoin Tokens through crowd sales
  • Q2 2019
    • On-board Blockchain Advisor for Tokoin’s ecosystem
    • Launching of POC on TestNet
  • Q3 2019
    • On-board Warehousing Partners for Tokoin’s ecosystem
    • On-board Financial Partners for Tokoin’s ecosystem
    • Expansion of local operations to 10 tier-one cities in Indonesia
  • Q4 2019
    • Launching of Data Reputation engine
    • Launching of Data Visualization platform
    • Launching of Partner Suite platform
    • On-board 50,000 users on Tokoin’s ecosystem
  • Q1 2020
    • Launching of dApps on MainNet
    • Launching of Tokoin POS system
    • Launching of Data Exchange platform for Token stacking and loyalty program
    • Expansion of local operations to all capital cities in Indonesia
    • On-board 10,000 users in Tokoin’s POS system
  • Q2 2020
    • Launching of Tokoin’s POS System
    • Expansion of pilot hyper-local operations to Thailand
    • On-board 1000 users on Tokoin’s ecosystem in the regional hyper-local market
    • Development of AI Solutions for Tokoin to scale up Operations
  • Q3 2020
    • Expansion of hyper-local operations to Vietnam and the Philippines
    • On-board 500,000 users on Tokoin’s ecosystem in the Indonesian market
    • Expansion of local operations to 10 top tier-one cities in Indonesia
    • On-board 50,000 users on Tokoin’s ecosystem
  • Q4 2020
    • Deployment of AI as part of Business Intelligence Capabilities
    • Introduction of Forecast & Prediction platform into Tokoin’s ecosystem
  • Q1 2021
    • Integration of AI solutions for Financing and Logistics partners
  • Q2 2021
    • Expansion of hyper-local operations to other potential emerging markets
    • On-board 10,000 users on Tokoin’s hyper-local ecosystem

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